FirstStudent and First Risk Advisors, Inc. are now UnitedHealthcare Companies
  • Partners in Solutions™

    FirstRisk Advisors is a national provider of custom life, student, accident and health insurance, as well as employee benefits and value-added services. We’ll partner with you to deliver expert solutions and a premier client experience.

    Who We Are

  • Comprehensive & Convenient Student Insurance Plans

    With a 98% client retention rate, we are proud to provide a wide variety of large and small institutions with national coverage, step-by-step implementation, enrollment, and ongoing service and support.

    Our Student Plans

  • Premium Coverage for Student Athletes

    Student athletes deserve the best care, but getting the right price and discounts are critical to your institution’s financial health. Our Intercollegiate Sports Accident Program delivers premium coverage and service—at the budget you require.

    Sports Accident Program

  • Ongoing Support and Security

    Our goal is to educate, advocate and guide you and your employees through a stress-free process. We offer dedicated “anytime” support, as well as advanced technology to safeguard your data.

    Employee Benefits


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