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Posted on Jan 25, 2019, 19:25 PM

Candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and be willing to travel. A multi-layered personality that has a knack for taking customer care for our clients to the highest level. Degrees in Business, Finance, Education, or Psychology do well in this position. Organized, but willing to be flexible with the demands of our clients, because everything we execute is customized and designed for our clients' needs, so change must be your middle name. Proficiency in MS Office, analytical capabilities, and excellent written and verbal communication skills are necessary.

Please send cover letter and resume.

Responsible for the retention of existing customers by developing and using successful relationships. Establishes a true partnership with sales, service and support representatives. Acts as an advocate for the customer’s point of view.


Relationship Management

  • Initiates and creates successful relationships with existing customers and producers through personal contact. Develops, implements, and manages a client call plan. Gathers assesses and communicates customer feedback.
  • Pulls together proper resources throughout the company to service the account and resolve customer issues. Ensures that the right parties address client issues. Involves sales representatives on particularly sensitive issues or when needed.
  • Ensures that sold case data is defined and gathered and issued to the right parties within the company.
  • Manages or handles policyholder installation for all First Risk products on cases. Able to thoroughly explain the administrative, billing and claim process, including demonstrating the use of claim forms, premium reports, and other related forms. Coordinates and monitors the delivery of the master contract, booklets, brochures, certificates, flyers, and any other client required materials.
  • Confirms brochures, application, and claim forms are current and included in administrative kits for clients. Furnish additional forms to clients when requested.
  • Works with sales on the enrollment process. Reviews client’s communications prior to enrollment meetings and participates in the enrollment process as appropriate.
  • Aids in the new customer pre-sale process as requested by a sales representative.
  • Constantly considers what the competition may be doing on accounts with regard to coverage and quoting and strategizes his/her own actions accordingly. Uses and shares this information with sales and management to position products competitively.
  • Handle new carrier and plan implementation and transition.
  • Practice proactive follow-up on all outstanding issues by communicating the status of each issue to the Consultant/Management.
  • Attendance at internal meetings/education programs.
  • Need to keep up with current legislation and compliance, as well as any changes with various insurance carriers.
  • Works with the sales representative to establish effective business relationships with producers and clients.
  • Handles special projects on a prompt basis when assigned y management.

Customer Service

  • Assist with any issue relating to customer service including but not limited to eligibility, enrollment, premium payment and facilitate resolution of issues.
  • Assist with the collection and resolution of disputed claim issues with all interested parties.


  • Coordinate brochure and Master policy approval between carriers and brokers and obtain all required signoffs
  • Review policies and brochures for completeness and compliance with sold case files
  • Once brochures are approved and complete, make sure the website is updated and accurate. Periodically review website for completeness and accuracy.
  • Review all marketing and sales materials used by customers or producers for compliance with issuing carriers marketing guidelines and obtain carrier approval for use

Process Management

  • Constantly works to clarify roles and responsibilities and work processes with team members.
  • Participates in efforts to improve and streamline processes to best meet customer needs.
  • Uses technology to maximize productivity.
  • Manages and reports on the expenses incurred while performing his/her job and submits expense account on a monthly basis.

Professional Development

  • Continuously assesses oneself and develops the required knowledge and skill. Accurately assesses own strengths and weaknesses and asks for help and/or the involvement of others when necessary.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to delivering what customers value, working together, and achieving superior results.
  • Takes ownership of mistakes and uses them as a learning opportunity.

Qualifications, Knowledge, and Skills

  • Technical Knowledge: Owns knowledge of contract language for First Risk’s insurance products. Understands First Risk’s administrative processes, including billing, premium delinquency, policy issue and claims investigation. Possess excellent spelling and grammar skills.
  • Customer Orientation: Demonstrates dedication to serving and satisfying customers. Quickly assesses customer needs and creatively uses all available resources to meet them. Anticipates long-term needs and recognizes future service opportunities as a result of short-term attention.
  • Interpersonal Astuteness: Considers the perspective of others. Picks up and interprets verbal and non-verbal cues that reflect others’ concerns and interests and modifies own style and interaction accordingly. Does not engage in office politics and gossip.
  • Consultative Account Management: Establishes rapport, confirms purpose, probes for information, listens and determines needs, presents options, resolves objections, establishes next steps to service customer.
  • Initiative: Takes any opportunity to get in front of the customer. Takes advantage of opportunities to expand expertise.
  • Works Independently: Demonstrates the ability to take direction, take good notes and work independently to complete tasks as assigned. Works well under pressure and is a multi-tasker.
  • Negotiation Skills: Successfully uses innovative negotiations techniques. Defines and develops the position based on customer needs, motives, strengths, and strategies of key players, and understanding of broad business objectives.
  • Analytical Thinking: Able to work well with numbers. Demonstrates a detail orientation.
  • Strategic Account Management Thinking: Develops account specific account management strategy for working with the client. Recognizes marketplace potential for innovative products and services. Looks beyond the immediate case and considers the potential long-term relationship.
  • The presence and Straight Forwardness: Able to quickly establish personal credibility with internal and external parties. Asks direct, probing questions in order to get complete information to get the business. Openly surfaces problems with producers, customers, or others inside PGH Global and recommends solutions.
  • Educational and Professional Designation: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Technology: Proficient in the use of computers, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), Adobe, opportunity management systems, carrier systems and mobile technologies.
  • Models the core skills required of all account management employees.


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